Grants Management

The grant management process requires both programmatic and financial undertakings required by the funder over the course of the grant period. The following tasks must be implemented by the grantee during this process:

  • Following all of the terms and conditions associated with the grant
  • Fulfilling reporting requirements throughout the grant award period
  • Making requests for changes to an award in a timely manner before the project end if necessary
  • Fulfilling financial reporting requirements
  • Accounting for grant revenue and expenditures
  • Submitting final reports in a timely manner
  • Following closeout procedures as stipulated by the grantor
  • Conducting the grants management process in an ethical manner

ABC has a wealth of experience in the management and fulfillment of grants and is therefore perfectly placed to help organizations carry out the above steps. In order to best help the associations with whom ABC works fulfill these steps, ABC adopts the following methodology:
Formulation of an action plan

  • Establishment of administrative and financial procedures
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Personnel management
  • Implementation of results-oriented assessment