ABC Consulting has undertaken a vast number of training assignments over the course of our sixteen years of existence, including community fundraising, proposal writing, monitoring and evaluation (M&E), strategic planning, community resources mobilization, finance, marketing, communication, leadership, consultation, advocacy, administration, youth employability, job preparation, life skills, gender programming, client skills, community participation, training of trainers (TOT), how to implement the Capacity Assessment Tool (CAT) and the Participatory Organizational Needs Assessment Tool (PONAT), project cycle management (PCM), and the Logical Framework Approach (LFA or ‘log-frame’). These training sessions have been delivered to more than 50 civil society organizations, targeting vast swathes of Palestinian communities. 

ABC takes a systematic approach to capacity-building that encourages changes in ways of thinking, acting, and organizing that take one away from the traditional linear concept of development to a more dynamic view in which a process is influenced by a diversity of factors interacting simultaneously. In its capacity-building efforts, ABC focuses on both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ capacities, building skills in PCM, M&E, and financial management, for example, while simultaneously guiding participants to improve their abilities to build and sustain relationships, garner ongoing commitment and loyalty, and internalize values and principles. ABC’s capacity-building efforts aim to help participants capitalize on the enabling aspects of the Palestinian development environment while mitigating, circumventing, or challenging constraints they face in their development efforts. In all stages of capacity-building, ABC encourages and fosters cooperation and collaboration among partners in order to increase the sustainability of efforts and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the work being carried out

Training in development topics, such as project cycle management, the logical framework, and monitoring and evaluation has too often resulted in trainees’ ability to simply fulfill the bureaucratic requirements of donors and complete necessary documents for proposal submission. However, ABC’s training methodology focuses on the principles of accountability, relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, and participation, which are the building blocks of development programming. ABC works on instilling the principles in participants so that they can benefit from and internalize the process of identifying their community’s needs, formulating relevant projects, and monitoring and evaluating their work

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