ABC Overview

ABC Consulting is a Palestinian firm that provides multidisciplinary services in the field of development. With 17 years of experience in the Middle East, we are the valued advisor to an array of international and local organizations working in community and global development in the region. While based in the West Bank, ABC has successfully completed assignments across a far wider area, including Palestine, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, and Libya. Our approach to consultancy is founded on the values of partnership, integrity, professionalism and mutual respect, and we always strive to make our work relevant and practical. Our firm specializes in delivering services in the following sectors: Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), Training, Organization and Program Development, Research, Event Facilitation, and Grants Management

ABC has recently conducted assignments on behalf of the EU, USAID, GIZ, UNESCO, UNIFEM, UNRWA – Head Quarter in Jordan, UNDP, IRI, Oxfam, Save the Children International – Palestine, , Save the Children International – Jordan , DanChurchAid, Diakonia, CRS, AMIDEAST, Coffey, MDLF, JBS International, Indevelop, Itad, NCG, NGO Development, Welfare Association, CRS, Chemonics, GDS – UK, DPK, and others. If you are interested in working with us in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How we work

Our Vision

ABC Consulting strives to continue to deliver real differences to the people our work affects the most, and the people for whom the organization was founded to serve: the individuals, families, neighborhoods, and communities living and working in the regions in which we operate. We aim to nurture our relationships with organizations with which we have already conducted projects, and forge new partnerships with both local and international companies. Since 2006, the firm has grown significantly; our own capacity, the services we can provide, our staff and qualifications, our office space, our knowledge and expertise, and our ideas surrounding ABC's purpose and strategies have all fully matured and developed. We have firm foundations on which to extend our influence and to enhance and stand by and fulfill our keen sense of social responsibility. ABC hopes to continue making a difference, both locally and regionally.

Our Value

ABC is a professional firm dedicated to taking a creative and dynamic approach to problem-solving. Integrity and empathy are core to the firm’s ethos; without fail ABC provides sustainable solutions which are sensitive to the strengths and needs of both the people and establishments with whom we work in partnership. It is our strong sense of responsibility, as well as our positivity and passion that has allowed us to truly make a difference in our work to date.

Our approach to consultancy is based on the values of partnership, integrity, professionalism, and mutual respect, and strives to make its work relevant and practical. We adhere to high-caliber research methods through which we seek facts and challenge assumptions, and are able to provide evidence-based insight and recommendations. We employ a cooperative and team-oriented approach using the best, most relevant, and effective IA software which allows our clients to maintain leadership and involvement and facilitates the transfer of knowledge back to the appropriate stakeholders. As such, we are open and honest in our communication, information sharing, and constructively managing tough situations with tact and candor.

Our History

In 2006, a small group of strategic development experts formed Associates in Building Capacity (ABC Consulting) in response to the need for both improvements in the operational abilities of NGOs in Palestine, as well as a lack of local consultancy organizations with experts in the fields of community and public sector development. Since 2006, the firm has grown significantly in its capacity, scope, and vision. In nearly two decades we formed to provide the much-needed services to improve the operational abilities of NGOs and international organizations working in Palestine and its neighboring countries, and in return, make a tangible difference to the communities in the region. We can confidently note that we have thrived in these goals, and are certain that the firm will strengthen further and continue to grow and develop in the future.

Our People

Our people are our most significant asset. It is only with their determination, dedication, and dexterity that we can serve our clients and achieve long-term value for the agencies and communities we help. Assignment teams are composed with a great deal of thought and care, with each member’s skills highlighted and enhanced for optimum effectiveness and efficiency. ABC‘s organizational structure is summed up in the diagram below: The CEO of ABC Consulting, Waddah Abdulsalam has a plethora of knowledge in the field of management consultancy for NGOs in the Middle East. With both a BA and an MA, the latter achieved in the United States, Abdulsalam boasts almost eighteen years of professional experience in institutional and civil society development. His career has led to assignments in a vast array of fields, including democracy and governance, health care, the environment, economic development, and education. The wide-ranging nature of these projects has allowed him to exploit and develop a plethora of skills, with his work to date encompassing the following areas: organizational capacity assessment and development, grants and program management, monitoring and evaluation, needs assessment, training, qualitative and quantitative research, analytical report writing and, most of all, project management. Abdulsalam’s extensive professional history is a testament to his competence, expertise, and skills

Social Responsibility

ABC believes that corporate success and social welfare are interdependent, and thus target people, communities, and the environments in its corporate social responsibility commitment. We simultaneously seek to provide a participatory, non-discriminatory, and rewarding work environment for our employees; to contribute to community development and the fulfillment of human rights; and to eliminate or minimize any negative impacts our work may have on the environment.

ABC avoids a philanthropy-based approach to CSR and seeks to contribute to sustainable development in a participatory manner by working alongside civil society to achieve common objectives. A business needs a healthy, educated workforce, sustainable resources, and an adept government to compete effectively. Many approaches to CSR pit businesses against society, whereas ABC approaches its community as partners and is willing to forgo short-term profitability for larger social and environmental goals.

Our Vision