Programme Development and Strategic Planning

Due to the collective skill sets and experience boasted by our staff, ABC Consulting has a fine-tuned knowledge of the best methodologies and most effective techniques for project implementation, monitoring, and follow-up. Combined with extensive experience in strategic development, we are rendered as one of the best sources of advice and support in this field.

ABC also provides guidance and facilitation in the organization’s process of defining its strategy and making decisions on how to allocate resources to contribute to this strategy; a process that is called strategic planning.

Over the years, ABC has both supported organizations in updating their strategic plans, and in facilitating organizations to undergo the process for the first time. In both cases, our experts work with a strategic planning committee made up of key persons from the organization (members of the board, management, and key staff persons) to assess the current situation, delineate specific objectives, and identify strategies for achieving them.

After this phase is completed, our experts ensure that your vision can be put into action. The tools and resources needed to implement the strategy are identified and allocated, and a concrete action plan is developed, answering the question of ‘Who does what, when, and where?’ The action plan includes objectively verifiable, or measurable indicators of success that aid in the proper implementation of the strategic plan and allow organizations to conduct regular evaluations and progress assessments.

ABC believes that strategic planning is an organic process that develops from the experience, insight, and knowledge of organizations themselves, and is only facilitated and guided by an expert, who plays a supervisory and advisory role throughout.

We support you in understanding where you are now, where you want to be, and how to get there.